Mengurangi biaya. Meningkatkan omset.

Bagaimana Telsso Clouds membantu bisnis Anda berkembang.

Mengurangi biaya

Bagi sebagian besar bisnis (terutama perusahaan rintisan), komputasi awan merupakan cara terbaik untuk mengurangi biaya modal dan biaya yang sedang berjalan terkait layanan TI.

Experience has shown companies that the most efficient way to resist on a troubled market is by reducing costs without affecting product quality or the image of the company and at the same time keeping a level of profitability that allows continuous development of the business.

But cost-cutting measures must meet certain conditions, such as:
  • To be sustainable – that means they must not have negative effects on the future results of the company
  • To be effective, meaning the results must be greater than the investments made in order to apply those measures
  • To be realistic, meaning the company must be able to put them into practice.

With Telsso Clouds, gone is the need to purchase and maintain expensive servers on site, as well as pay for ongoing software upgrades. By using Telsso Clouds you will always have access to the latest versions of business applications and the flexibility to increase your bandwidth or storage on demand.Telsso Clouds will take care of most data recovery issues, freeing your business from the requirement of maintaining a complex IT disaster recovery plan.

Because everything is automated and work perfectly together, with Telsso Cloud you reduce costs by :
  • Remove the need of a complex IT department
  • easily migration to less expensive operation systems
  • Cut your licensing costs
  • Integrated cloud solution, everything works as one and is no need for moving data from one system to another
  • Automate and standardize the operational processes
  • Improve the purchasing process
  • Track costs in detail
  • Optimize stocks
  • Manage warehouses more effectively
  • Improve the sales process
  • Your online activites (e-shops,websites) are integrated automatically in the complete eco-system
  • Improve the analysis and reporting process

Meningkatkan omset

Dunia digital berubah lebih dari sebelumnya. Perusahaan yang selalu online akan mendapatkan visibilitas dan pelanggan. Penjualan dan laba akan tumbuh dengan sendirinya.

Baik B2B maupun B2C: Perkembangan digitalisasi (e-commerce, e-office, situs web, situs web perusahaan) tidak dapat dibendung. Saat ini, 65 persen dari populasi sudah menggunakan layanan online -mayoritas dengan ponsel pintar mereka, dan trennya terus meningkat. Oleh karena itu, sangat penting bagi setiap perusahaan untuk menemukan solusi yang tepat untuk menghasilkan peningkatan pendapatan yang berkelanjutan. Sebagai mitra yang ahli dan berpengalaman, Telsso Clouds menawarkan banyak strategi dan solusi yang dirangkai secara individual.
  • Make your business available to more customers, online and offline
  • Agility for your organisation will improve and increases employees flexibility
  • Availability improves with the use of multiple redundant sites, which makes well-designed cloud computing suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Scalability and elasticity is dynamic. This gives the ability to scale up when the usage need increases or down if resources are not being used