Develop anywhere with our cloud-ready enterprise solution

Empower your clients with fast cross-platform, cross-devices applications

You need to rapidly deliver new products and services to your customers and partners to stay competitive. But with limited resources and assets across hybrid cloud environments, you struggle to both meet new requirements and efficiently maintain existing systems.

Telsso gives you a single platform to quickly develop and deploy applications anywhere–on-premise, in virtualized environments, or in the cloud. You can accelerate application development while maintaining enterprise-class performance, security, and scalability. Telsso is perfect for you when your software solutions needs to support 3 or more operating systems, use at least 2 back-end data sources without having multiple source code with different technologies.

Benefits from using a single platform:
  • Unified backend - One unified platform for all your server-side software solutions
  • Unified frontend - One unified source code four your client - side software or multiple platforms
  • Accelerate your time to market - Keep pace with rapid line-of-business requests for new and updated applications.
  • Reduce your development costs - Keep your costs low by using small number of developers on a powerful platform
  • Achieve world-class developer productivity - develop fast with a lean Java platform and a wide range of developer tools that promotes productivity and responsiveness.
  • Develop and deploy full Java EE apps in the cloud, with "powered by HTML5" interfaces for clients - Prototype and launch applications fast.

Powerful and simple
Build from scratch by passionate engineers with the best software of our times
Platform free
Build in Java - the most popular and powerful programming languages in use, with a reported 9 million developers.
Telsso platform is running on UNIX. The most stable operating system with the largest installed base as of 2014.
HTML power for interfaces - simple and fast way to build interfaces

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