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Websites, Online Apps and Mobile Apps

Get a unified and integrated web content management system for delivering immersive digital content across every channel, including web, mobile, and on-site screens. With an intuitive workflow and advanced capabilities to connect sites, extraordinary digital experience management is easier than ever before.
With Telsso you can control multiple sites from a single location.You can manage corporate templates and assets so you can easily publish across multiple web and mobile sites regardless of language or region — all from one easy-to-use interface — significantly streamlining your development processes.


  • Simplify management of multiple sites Minimize the time and effort required to manage multiple sites across various regions, languages, and production divisions.
  • Master templates - Easily create templates and reuse assets for any multichannel campaign to ensure that content is used consistently across all digital properties.
  • Regional editing capabilities Enable regional teams to edit and update content without freezing the editing on your main site — so you can maintain centralized management while still providing local agility.
  • Built-in localization tools Easily translate multiple languages using built-in processes and tools.
  • Flexible deployment options Effortlessly enable on-premises or cloud deployments.
  • Out-of-the-box integration Access prebuilt integrations with the Telsso Analytics and Marketing Tools solutions to create personalized communications and measure their effectiveness.
  • Mobile experience management Leverage intuitive, touch-enabled authoring tools for responsive design, adaptive mobile sites, and mobile applications.

Intranets and Enterprise information portal (EIP)

An Enterprise Information Portal is a private website that can only be accessed by people within your company. When you create an EIP, you give your staff somewhere to view and share information relating to your company.

Creating an intranet can make it easier for your staff to find and access to information, share resources and reduce costs.
Intranets come in different shapes and sizes. Yours can be anything from a small collection of web pages to a substantial website with advanced features that allow employees to book holidays, log absences and take training.


  • Better access to information Creating an intranet gives your staff a central place to store and find everything from HR policies and technical documents to employee and customer contact details.
  • More efficient administration Your intranet can be used for tasks like submitting annual leave requests or handling IT support questions from your employees.
  • Easy distribution of information When you create an intranet, you can set up alerts so staff receive notification that new information has been added. It’s a good way to distribute updated policies or key documents.
  • More effective collaboration Your intranet can incorporate collaboration tools to help your people work together. For instance, you could set up shared workspaces and discussion areas.
  • Reliable communication Even small companies can experience communication problems, with gossip overriding official bulletins. Creating an intranet helps you keep every updated at the same time.

Do you need to create an intranet?

Even the smallest companies can benefit from creating a simple intranet to store important information and documents
If you’re not sure whether to create an intranet, see if you’d answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions. If so, you might find an intranet useful.
  • Do documents often go missing in your business?
  • Do you find it hard to identify the latest version of a document?
  • Do new staff members have to ask colleagues about everything?
  • Is your office bursting at the seams with paperwork?
  • Are you forever sharing documents as email attachments?
  • Do you have an effective way to manage staff absence and leave?
  • Is it hard to find contact details for people in your company?

Telsso provides a comprehensive, secure intranet solution with more than 200 base features and modules. Telsso improves organization, searchability and maintenance of corporate internal documentation and knowledge assets. Telsso Intranet Solution is ideal for HR Managers, Corporate Communications, Operations, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Finance Managers and Staff.

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