Telsso helps your business to grow

Consistent, personalized online experiences surprise and delight consumers

For omnichannel commerce
Omnichannel means supporting all channels and having a holistic view of the customer regardless of communication method. This is vital as customers are increasingly dictating how they want to be engaged and serviced.
Telsso helps you to adapt to the changing needs of your business customers. Our omnichannel commerce software is designed to support even the most complex environments.


B2B buyers expect the same omnichannel experiences they receive as consumers. With Telsso clouds you can deliver business to business user experiences on par with the best business to customer websites. While your buyers enjoy rich functionality and personalization, you maximize loyalty and increase revenue.
More than half of global B2B buyers expect to make 50% of their purchases online within three years. Like consumers, they expect consistent omnichannel experiences, 24/7 self-service access and accurate information. They will no longer accept disjointed channel experiences or inaccurate data.


Today’s always-on consumers create a challenge for retailers brands. They research on mobile, browse in store, connect with a call center, buy on the web, and so on. They expect a consistent, contextualized experience that follows them at every point of their journey.
Telsso gives you the ability to offer innovative, omni-channel brand experiences at every internet device, including PC, mobile, tablet, call center, point-of-sale and social media. Create the contextual, relevant engagements from the initial steps of research to customer-centric order handling experiences that inspire your customers to buy more.

For BackOffice and FrontOffice
Considering all the information you need to manage in your office, which software suite do the best job? Should you use separate solutions for different functions, or should you buy an integrated suite that can manage many aspects of your business? With Telsso you can have everything with one click with the power of a cloud.

Unified Platform

Telsso helps you accurately plan, track and execute your company's projects. It increases visibility into your professional services organization, improves resource utilization, streamlines invoicing and billing, elevates on-time project delivery and drives profitability.

With Telsso you have solutions for:
- Productivity and Organization
- Project Management, Collaboration and Professional Services Automation (PSA)
- Business Intelligence and Analytics
- Inventory management
- Marketing
- File backup and sync

Dedicated to your business

With our platform you are able to produce information, such as documents, presentations, worksheets, databases, charts, graphs, electronic music, digital video, websites and blogs. With Telsso you can increases productivity, you have anytime, anywhere access to business emails, online calendar, file storage, docs, video meetings, surveys and much more. Communicate, create, share and collaborate, from any device you have. Everything is unified in a single platform very easy to use.

For Online Enterprise Content Management
Get a unified and integrated web content management system for delivering immersive digital content across every channel, including web, mobile, and on-site screens. With an intuitive workflow and advanced capabilities to connect sites, extraordinary digital experience management is easier than ever before.

Websites, Online Apps and Mobile Apps

With Telsso you will have a powerful content management solution for your company. With over 900+ base features and modules, Telsso is the ideal CMS solution for websites, intranets, extranets, mobile sites, social, eCommerce, learning management sites and online marketing.

Enterprise information portal and intranets

Facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing in your company through a personalized EIP. Your company can have better access to information, more efficient administration, more effective collaboration and reliable communication.

For Mobile and Desktop Development
Telsso address the difficulties of developing software (mobile and desktop) by managing the diversity of devices, networks and user groups at the time of deployment and throughout the software solution’s lifecycle. Unlike standalone apps, Telsso provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to deploying mobility.
Cross platform and Cross Device

Cross-platform considerations are one big driver behind using Telsso. You can use Telsso to develop the software application once and deploy it to a variety of devices (including smart phones, tablets, notebooks, desktops) with no changes to the underlying business logic.

Leading enterprises need more than a jury-rigged collection of point tools to lead in the software age. Power your desktop apps, web/hybrid and native with one powerful platform.
With Telsso you can focus on innovation not on integration. Everything is already unified and build for modern software architecture and demands.

  • Assemble APIs, models, and connectors to access data with unprecedented speed
  • Combine and normalize data from multiple sources, optimize payload size and convert to mobile formats
  • Deliver data to any app client, whether native or web or even build with other tools
  • Prebuilt data sources with Oracle DB, mySQL or MongoDB
  • Everything is already cached by our API. You don't need to have "super skills" to handle big data
  • Access to all business processors build in the Platform and also to your data