The best way to build Enterprise.

Operating system independent. Ecosystem independent. Device OS independent.
A lot of Apps for your enterprise productivity.

Speed up your websites, applications and network performance while rapidly developing new applications.
Ads Builder
Create easy customized Ads. You can add text, links, images, movies. Automated published in the Ad Server. Can also be exported to other Ad Servers if needed.
Ads Server
Ads deployment in your own websites or over multiple targeted websites. Simple integration with other apps and simple management.
Write your ideas, now. You will be up and running in under a minute. Posting new content can be done in two clicks. Life is overcomplicated as it is. This app add simplicity.
The number one reason for using a CDN is to improve your user's experience in terms of speed, and as we know - speed matters! Ensure a consistent experience for all your users is important.
Corporate Calendar App made by Telsso. Works with multiple calendars, integrates will all Cloud Apps.
The best way to overview and store your valuable customer data. Everything important in one place.
Create effortless automated forms for community building. People can create posts and comment on Articles.
Set up all of your contact accounts then easily use the contact info in other apps (such as Mail, Newsletter, SMS or Stores).
Create your Documents – quite uncomplicated. You can make invoices, write projects or even simple corporate offers.
Registers domains inside the cloud. More than 2.000 Top Level Domains available at wholesale prices waiting for you. Only with our app you get also a -30% discount.
Block all bots, full control of your traffic with Telsso super cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence. Firewall app ensures precision for customers, giving them confidence to block as the threat landsc
Easy to create invoices. You can link it to Stores and automatically create invoices from orders. Supports multiple companies and a lot of clients.
Helps you to keep track of your klicks. Ad Servers are using automatic short links to count the clicks for you. But you can also create a manual link, according to your needs.
Unified Inbox, Relevance Sorting, Cloud Enabled! The most simply mail App in town. You will never lost a email.
Mega Shops
The e-commerce app that allows merchants to build and deploy world-class shopping experience on web, smartphone, tablet and point of sale. Is the most easy way to build your Digital Store.
Tired of syncing ? Tired to have the same file on your device? The best way to keep your files organised and edit them directly in the cloud.
Your pictures and loving moments come to life. MyGallery allows you to store, organise and publish your pictures. You can even edit them without any new software.
Stores all your music and you can listen it online. You can export it to blogs, websites or even sell it throw Stores apps.
The best way to publish HD videos on your websites, mobile apps or blogs without advertising. Everything is organised and ready to play.
Build your perfect enterprise websites. Multilanguage, multi process, multi platform.
Holding your DNS records is never being easy. Global and regional configurations.
Send gorgeous newsletter to your contacts and clients. You can select layouts from our gallery or you can create yours. The most easy way to send automated newsletters.
Send gorgeous newsletter to your contacts and clients. You can select layouts from our gallery or you can create yours. The most easy way to send automated newsletters.
Simplifying making payments and managing money flows. Automate with Invoices and settle your payments.
Project Management
Write down your ideas and tasks and set todos for responsible department. Keep track of your Project in weeks and months and split everything in versions.
Image designer with simple tools. Connected with Ad server and Build Ads you can create impressive Images for your Ads.
Manages the redirects inside your website. One Page can be redirect to another.
Low priced app provider for text messaging, bulk SMS sending. Once is installed, you can send SMS to your friends or clients. Works great with Store App and Newsletter App.
Organise your customer acquisition process, your sales and your after sales activities. Perfect automated CRM.
Smart Apps
The best way to build mobile apps with your content. Just some clicks and your app is created. We automatically upload it to Apple Store and Google Play.
End-to-end Customer Journey Analytics.Track everything that your users do. Acquire and retain more customers with advanced analytics.
Helps you to overview and process customers’ requests. Agents can have access and tasks can be assigned - for effective handling of all client’s requests use with Todos.
Create online manuals as webpage, PDFs or documents.
See and delegate tasks, connected to all other cloud apps - for a perfect work flow.
The most easy way to track your goods.Ware house app contains a set of computerized procedures for management of warehouse inventory, space, equipment and people with the goal of minimizing cost.
Lean back and let WebHealth observe and monitor your website. Continuously checks if it's online, if links are working, if the speed is perfect from locations all over the world.