Welcome to Telsso

Enterprise simplified for all.

Run and transform your business at the same time.

Our company. Our values.

At Telsso we always push through! We stopped listening to excuses a long time ago - we care about results. We believe that ambitions, determination, skill, smartness, and courage can break through almost any wall.

With 15 years experience in Enterprise development, we love building great products, great experiences for customers.
We love converging complex and chaotic world into simplicity and a beautiful solutions that just works.

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Our Careers

We are always looking for talented people with unique superpowers to help our customers solve their toughest digital transformation dilemmas. We love:

  • Passionate experts
  • Innovators
  • Simplifiers of complexity
  • Unleashers of inspiration
  • Owners of success
  • Creators of the future
  • Thinkers outside the box

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