Rights and permissions

A copyright can be an original work of authorship including software, mask works, literature, art, music, photographs, videos, etc.

All Telsso materials are copyrighted. You can use them with a written document from Telsso GmbH. Copyrighted materials includes image, drawings, texts, documentation, manuals and artwork.

If you have any questions concerning the usage or licensing of Telsso copyrighted materials, for example, drawings, manuals, video tutorials, images, Telsso advertisements or other Telsso materials, please submit your detailed request in writing. Please be sure to include any surrounding copy or text to the Telsso material.

For use of Telsso copyrighted material in third party works e.g., documentation, manuals, images, drawings, books or publications, please submit your detailed request to Copyright Information and include the following:

  • Specific image(s) or material for which you are seeking permission
  • Surrounding copy or text to the Telsso material you wish to use in your project
  • Publisher, if applicable
  • Publishing date (and countries), if applicable
  • Title, if applicable
  • How Telsso and its products fit into your project
  • Your deadline

All request must be sent via e-mail at copyrights@telsso.com. A legal team will answer in maximum 1 month.